To commemorate PenHOP's 7th year anniversary, we have compiled a collection of videos from pioneers and leaders of the house as well as mentors and friends who have run alongside with us. Here, they tell us a little part of the story from their perspective and testify of God's faithfulness to the house. 

We deeply appreciate your support in this journey, and we hope you will be blessed as you browse through the videos. 


Born in Sabah, Carolyn was an intern at the neXus internship in 2010, and felt God call her to be a full-time intercessory missionary in PenHOP. She is currently a leader and full-time staff at the house.

Daniel Lim is the CEO of IHOP-KC and has been walking alongside PenHOP for the past 7 years, since the very start. He was born and raised in Penang.

Evan came to Penang from the United States in 2009 and helped in the early stages to pioneer this work.

James attended PenHOP's Burn Internship in 2013 and the Lord gripped his heart with a burden to see incense arise from his nation. He founded Vigan House of Prayer and leads the house with an amazing team.

Jason is the founding director of Burning Hearts Singapore. Together with his wife, Constance, they lead the ministry and are dear friends of PenHOP.

Jeremy came to staff PenHOP in 2012 after he visited during the world race and ended up being instrumental in the setting up of Just Caffe, a cafe situated on the first level of PenHOP.

Joseph was a leader in the house during his time in Penang. He has a passion for discipleship and pastoring. He currently resides in KL and is serving in DUMC as well as being actively involved in Tuesday Night Burn, the house of prayer in KL.

Jonathan, together with his wife Melena, are leaders at Burning Hearts Singapore and dear friends to PenHOP. They desire to see ones strengthened and empowered to fulfill all God has called them to.

Joshua and Japheth are leaders at Tuesday Night Burn, the house of prayer in KL, which was birthed from the 2013 Malaysia Day 12-hour Burn headed by PenHOP. Japheth was a former Burn Internship intern who went to IHOP-KC for a season. Joshua was involved in a house of prayer during his studies in Europe.

Joseph serves as a leader in the house, and has a deep passion to see people being rooted in the Word of God. He is married to Joyce and serves actively in his local church.

A YWAM alumni, Joyce is currently a leader at PenHOP together with her husband Joseph.

Kelvin is a leader at PenHOP with a passion for justice and business. He currently runs a cafe on the first floor of the prayer room, Just Caffe, with his wife Kirsten. He also aspires to be a great carpenter, just like Jesus.

Kelvin and CK run Just Caffe and have a passion for Jesus, good coffee and quality food.

Kelvin and Kirsten got to know each other through PenHOP and are happily married. They run Just Caffe, a cafe on the ground floor of PenHOP that specialises in hand-crafted coffee and to-die-for panini sandwiches.

Back in 2012, Kirsten took a step of faith to leave Holland to come to the shores of Penang, without knowing much about PenHOP. Since then, it has been a journey of discovery about God and His leadership over her life. She is happily married to Kelvin.

Melanie went through a YWAM DTS before she came to the house and became involved as a leader for many years. She is currently living in Singapore for a season, and is serving with Burning Hearts Singapore.

Ted and Jinyi have been a part of PenHOP since early in our history. They run the APO internship which introduces Korean young adults to PenHOP.

Yee Vonne loves the Word of God with a fierce passion and has a heart to see true justice roll down from heaven. She was a leader in the house for a season and played in a significant role in the early years of PenHOP, and is currently working in KL.

Bapak (Niklos) served with YWAM and was one of the original pioneers of PenHOP.

Terence was a part of the pioneering team and is now pastoring a local church here in Penang.