Weekly Prayer Room Schedule



3 PM - 5 PM
Soaking Worship

5 PM - 6 PM
Small Group Prayer



3 PM - 6 PM
Devotional Worship

6 PM - 8 PM
Worship With the Word

8 PM - 10 PM



8 PM - 9 PM
Devotional Worship

9 PM - 12 AM
Friday Night Burn

* Note: PenHOP does not run Sunday services.

Devotional Worship



This prayer model is designed to provide an anointed atmosphere for individuals to meditate on the Word of God as they linger in His presence. The songs and music style are devotional – there’s an atmosphere of worship and adoration in which we can sit at Jesus’ feet the way Mary of Bethany did.

HOW TO ENGAGE: Seek the Lord in the atmosphere of intimate worship through prayer, scripture meditation, Bible study, or dialoguing with the Holy Spirit.

Worship With the Word


This prayer model provides mentoring and training in putting the Word to music – a “singing seminary”. The ‘prophetic singer’ is trained on the job to be a worship leader / singing theologian. This happens as the worship team sings systematically through a chapter of Scripture, which also provides an anointed and devotional atmosphere for individuals to study, meditate and lift up personal prayers.

HOW TO ENGAGE: Singing, speaking out or meditating on the Word via the format modeled by the worship team will help you engage your heart in that part of Scripture and what the Lord is speaking to you through it.



This prayer model invites the room to engage in corporate prayer using the written prayers of the New Testament apostles. As the Lord highlights, the room labors together for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit over a geographic region (e.g., Malaysia and beyond). We adopt the harp and bowl model that combines prayer and prophetic singing. We typically pray along the themes of Awakening/Revival, Justice, and the Great Commission.

HOW TO ENGAGE: We invite you to pray at the microphone as the prayer leader directs, or engage with us corporately from your seat as we seek the Lord together.

Friday Night Burn


An extended time of pursuing the presence and power of God in worship, the FNB prayer model has the worship team following the flow of the Holy Spirit, and leading the congregation thus; as one in Christ, every heart in the room lifts up adoration to the only Worthy One, piercing the darkness in the city. There is also a time of communion – where we remember Jesus’ first coming as the meek Saviour and anticipate His second coming as Almighty Lord and King.

HOW TO ENGAGE: Come expecting to encounter the power and presence of God!