Why Burn Internship?


This generation is arguably the most distracted generation to walk the earth. It is precisely against this backdrop of distraction that we are making the call to wholeheartedness and singularity in pursuing God. King David’s encounters with the Lord in his youth set him on a collision course with the beauty of the Lord all the days of His life. He was consumed with zeal for the House of God. And in being a man after God’s own heart, he fulfilled all the purposes of God in His generation.

We believe that God’s eschatological promise for this generation is to raise shepherds after His own heart (Jer. 3:15): rooted in their identity as sons and daughters, abandoned in their pursuit of His presence, and burning to proclaim a message of preparation for the return of the King.

This internship seeks to spark and strengthen what the Spirit of the Lord is doing in the nations. It desires to call forth a prophetic Davidic generation who will be unleashed upon local churches, schools and campuses, and the marketplace as sons and daughters who carry the forerunner spirit that would ultimately prepare the way for the return of Christ.