Burn Internship 2018: Syllabus & Schedule


*Order of topics is subject to change.

  • Identity: Heart of the Father & Sonship.
  • Intimacy: The Pursuit of One Thing.
  • The Great Commandment Unto The Great Commission.
  • Calling: The Forerunner Mandate.
  • Small Group Bible Study from the book of John, Matthew, and an overview of Song of Songs.

Typical Weekly Schedule

*Based on Week 1 of Burn Internship 2017, and is subject to change.


  • 9:30PM-12:30PM   Class 1: Identity & Sonship I
  • 2:00PM-5:00PM   Bible Study 1: John 13
  • 7:00PM-9:00PM   Workshop 1: Studying the Bible


  • 9:30PM-12:30PM   Class 2: Identity & Sonship II
  • 3:00PM-10:00PM   Prayer Room


  • 9:30AM-12:30PM   Workshop 2: Growing in the Prophetic
  • 2:00PM-5:00PM   Bible Study 2: John 14
  • 7:30PM-9:00PM   Workshop 3: Harp & Bowl 101


  • 9:30AM-12:30PM   Prayer Room
  • 2:00PM-5:00PM   Class 2: Identity & Sonship III
  • 7:30PM-9:00PM   Encounter Night


  • 9:30AM-12:30PM  Workshop 4: Treasure Hunting
  • 8:00PM-12:00AM   Prayer Room


  • 2:00PM-8:00PM   Community Time

This full-time internship will see packed schedules. However, this means more time spent in God’s presence with plenty of room for significant, life-changing encounters to take place! While interns are given Sundays off to rest and have their own leisure time, they are encouraged to attend Sunday service at a local church of their choice.

*Interns are required to attend all sessions.

What To Expect

  • Times of anointed teaching and impartation by leaders and pioneers from various houses of prayer and ministries across the region.
  • One-on-one sessions with internship leaders and staff-led Bible studies.
  • Workshops on Harp and Bowl and prophetic worship, band dynamics, etc.
  • Extensive prayer room times for encountering God.
  • Opportunities to minister on worship sets on and off stage.
  • Community times to build relationships with interns and staff.
  • Opportunities to grow in the prophetic and be effective in communicating the message.