Converge 2017: 28 to 30 April 2017

by Violet Sim

73 people
13 nations
Over 20 Houses of Prayer


Regional Embassies of Christ

For the third consecutive year, PenHOP, along with KLHOP, and Burning Hearts Singapore jointly hosted Converge 2017. In 2017, this annual gathering of (mainly) Southeast Asian Houses of Prayer saw its largest increase, with seven new additions.

We were excited to see the fulfilment of a strong stirring from the previous year: That Houses of Prayer from Indonesia would become a part of this family. Attending were not one, but two HOPs from Indonesia!

Joy filled our hearts as we got to partner with God’s desire for the advancement of His kingdom.  What a testimony of how God delights in partnering with His sons and daughters to see His kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven.

As the different HOPs shared what God was doing in their nation, it added much courage and strength for each of us to remain faithful as prophetic voices and to raise generations to prepare the way for Jesus’ return. We saw the need to ask ourselves, “Are we establishing an embassy in our land that reflects Kingdom values; making our King known to the principalities and powers?” 

Day after Converge

While Converge always creates a surge of encouragement amongst the HOP family, it is even more crucial to consider what happens the day after Converge ends.  At PenHOP, we took deliberate follow-up action steps to lay hold of two areas: Children’s Ministry and Prophetic Arts.  

Within two months, PenHOP launched her first children’s event, “Alive in Me”; focused on activating children to hear God and encounter Him as a loving Father. Please pray along with us as we desire to see more children rising up to take their place in God’s Kingdom. Although there are less than five children regularly attending the Prayer Room, we will be setting aside child-appropriate space in preparation for the children to come!

Next, in July, fifteen people gathered for “Create” to share and glean insights on redeeming the arts as a form of worship expression unto Jesus. Since then, we are witnessing an increase of creative expression. For instance, this year was the first time Burning Hearts Conference had a dance team and scheduled people to paint! And if you didn’t know, when you visit PenHOP you will find art materials, flags, and streamers available for you to partner with the Holy Spirit to bring your creative worship before the Lord.

What do you have to do to move forward and lay hold of what God has in store for you as an individual and for your ministry? Is there anything you would be doing differently if you could see through the lens of faith?

Our stories of the DAY AFTER CONVERGE are written with the hope of spurring you to partner with God as you lay hold of the things He has already prepared for you. It is amazing to see social media pictures of the ongoing Converge family ties; the warm welcome as individuals visit each other’s different countries. Beyond the good food and laughter, it is far more important to ask questions to nudge each other onward until we cross the finish line - Jesus, our exceedingly Great Reward.