PenHOP’s 8th Year Anniversary

by Violet Sim

On 18th February 2017, PenHOP and their friends and family gathered in the Prayer Room at 52 Jalan Green Hall, to witness yet another year of God’s faithfulness and goodness to the House.  
His faithfulness and goodness were embodied in the faces of people present. Penang House of Prayer was started in 2009 but the seed was planted years before by a generation of intercessors who spent hours praying and asking God for a house of prayer for all nations in Malaysia.

Malachi 4:6 speaks of having the hearts of the fathers turning to the children, and the children to the fathers. PenHOP’s story is one that reminds us that God desires generations to carry His dreams and to run together to fulfil His vision.

We were not created to run our own race but to run inter-generationally, both naturally and spiritually. It was a privilege to see families converging. A great example is Pastor Leow Chong Leang’s family from FGA. Pastor Chong Leang was a man who desired to build God a house of prayer. God, however, in His own way, gave him grace to champion the next generation instead in building Him a resting place by raising up his son, Shaun, as a prophetic singer in the Prayer Room.  

May this remind us to posture our hearts rightly to receive what God has prepared, beyond what we can ask or imagine.

“God takes our ‘yes’ , however weak it may be, and adds His strength in it.”

This line is often heard said by  Josh Yeoh, our Founder. God will take our weak ‘yes’  He has been a ‘yes’ man, fixing his ‘yes’ not to men but to God alone. His obedience to say ‘yes’ in building God a house of prayer has sparked so many hearts to desire intimacy with God, to fix our gaze on the Worthy One and to hasten the day of His return.

The current PenHOP leaders praying over Josh Yeoh during the 8th Year Anniversary.

The current PenHOP leaders praying over Josh Yeoh during the 8th Year Anniversary.

Over the past 8 years, Josh has called many to run this race that has been marked for each of us. Even as he transitions out and commission the new leaders of PenHOP, the very same DNA remains. As he laid hands on each of the leaders, (seven of us in total), we received the charge to build on the foundation that has already been laid in the past 8 years and call many more to seek Him, and to run the race and end it well. In the cumulation of the our ‘yes’ as individuals, we shall see the vision come to pass:-

Building a 24/7 House of Prayer for all nations in the Spirit of the Tabernacle of David that is a nexus of worship, intercession and missions established in the heart of Penang.

God desires partnership with His children. Is God tugging on your heart and inviting you to be part of His story to raise incessant worship? Would you say ‘yes’ to Him? God takes our ‘yes’, however weak it may be and adds His strength in it.

“‘Not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit,’ says the LORD of hosts.” - Zechariah 4:7