24-Hour Praise and Worship

by Carolyn R. Boin

The Church of St. George the Martyr - now commonly known as St. George’s Church – is the oldest Anglican Church in Southeast Asia. Since the groundbreaking on 1816, the church has now stood for 200 years in Georgetown as one of the reminders of Penang’s magnificent spiritual heritage. One of the main things that we have been contending for as a House of Prayer is for revival to sweep through the island again, being fully aware of the legacy that was left by our forefathers 200 years ago. We have been praying for this particular Church for at least five years already, knowing that this Church – historically important – is still poised for influence and impact this very day.

From 8-9 July 2016, a 24-Hour Praise and Worship event was held at the compounds of St. George’s Church. For the first time ever, in an open arena, Georgetown was saturated with the sound of worship to the True and Living God 24 hours non-stop. For the event, 24 churches and ministries anchored the hourly slots, and PenHOP had the privilege of coming alongside the local Body of Christ by anchoring the 5:00 A.M. slot on 9 July.

A number of us showed up not just for the 5:00 am worship, but for three whole hours from 4:00-7:00 A.M. to be on the spot to intercede during the event. We were blessed to have been present for the event and to come together with the rest of the Church for something that was considerably bold and courageous. In the midst of national turmoil – politically and religiously – and in the midst of worship being lifted up to other gods, St. George’s had said “yes” to unapologetically lead the Church in lifting up the name of Jesus openly. What an honour it was for us to have been there for such a historical event!

As a House of Prayer, our commitment is to continue to pray not just for St. George’s Church, but also the rest of the local Body of Christ. We believe that we do not labour alone for 24/7 prayer and worship to happen in Penang, but through this event, we have learned that God is touching the hearts of many key leaders and other individuals in churches to also press in for unceasing worship to be lifted up in Penang. May we see more of this in the coming years, and may Jesus receive His inheritance in Penang!

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